Eastern Roti Roll Meal

Each roll comes with a side green salad, dhal soup, stuffed with brown lentil rice or Afghan rice which is basmati rice with raisins and carrots. When ordering a double roti roll meal, you may choose a combination of any two rolls.


Ghandara Blues

Afghan eggplant with herbs, tomatoes, onions and garlic D/VO

Bombay Masala

Cauliflower and potato in a tangy tomato coconut curry sauce V

Yogi’s Treat

Chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices simmered into a savoury curry V

The Gypsy

Baked eggplant, butternut squash and mango cooked with coconut milk, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon V

Lion of the Desert

Peas and ripened paneer cheese cooked with potatoes and spices D

Spice Caravan

Chickpeas, cauliflower mixed in a delicious curry masala V

Ghandi’s Breakfast

Whipped spinach with mushrooms D/VO


The Mughal

Roasted chicken in a creamy masala with herbs D

Afghan Nomad

Roasted lamb in ginger, onion, garlic, five spice curry with eggplant

The Silk Route

Marinated miso salmon baked in a coconut, green lentil and basil curry

Persia’s Favourite

Roasted lamb in ginger, onion, garlic, five spice curry with spinach and basmati rice

Mango Chicken

Roasted Chicken, mango butternut squash D


*Gluten free option available
Contain Dairy = D, Vegan = V, Gluten free option = GFO, Vegan Option = VO