Take taste buds on tour of Silk Road

Posted by: Sarah Rowland, 24 hours
By Sarah Rowland, 24 hours - Thursday, April 18, 2013

There are two basic ways you can get a taste of everything Silk Road cuisine has to offer. One is pack your bags, book some time off work, and go on a culinary tour of all the rustic street vendors stationed along the historical network of trade routes connecting Mongolia, Tibet, India, Persia and Turkey.

Or you can head to one of Vancouver’s East is East restaurants and order the Silk Route Feast for $25.

This all-you-can-eat tasting menu starts with dhal soup, organic salad, boulani, roti, garlic pickle, and Afghan and basmati rice. Then it’s up to you to customize your dining experience with two signature dishes of your choice.

For example, you could go for the Lamb Pan Kabob in ginger, onion, tomato, garlic and curry as well as some Eastern Ratatouille. And if you’re still hungry after that, you can just keep on picking and choosing samples from East is East’s long list of delicacies.

You can also just kick it freestyle and order a couple of tapas from the regular menu, such as the Mango Prawns, which are sauteed in a spicy mango, lime leaf and star anise curry and served on basmati rice. Or try the Tibetan dumplings with green onion, chives and herbs.

While the Kits location (3243 W. Broadway) has been around for a while, the south Main location (4413 Main St.) is relatively new and has a great little stage. That’s where you can catch local indie rockers like The Crackling’s Kenton Loewen and Gordon Grdina playing some really beautiful ambient music under the banner Qalander. These live performances are both entertaining and conducive to dinner conversation, so no need to shout across the table, which is always nice.